Monday, April 20, 2009


overcome by the heat of the sun
walking around dizzy on
snow that falls into nothing
every step that i take

in every moment
rejoice in joy
be sad when sad
feel the sadness in joy
see the joy in sadness

every moment i can look
up at the sun
dazzling in glory
easily accepting what is

no horrors for so long
when did i know deep sorrow?
was i ever totally floored?
a big black cloud in the south
silently passes by
the sun never blinked


RachelW said...

Jozien, I like how you are playing with emotion and weather... sort of the mindset I'm in these days, too.

gfid said...

the sun never blinked. love that line.

Sue said...

This is beautiful. My favorite so far.

jozien said...

Thank you all!

Anonymous said...

Hi dear Jozien,
Beautiful!!! So much feelings in it! I would like to feel the snow and the cool air :-).
Big hug from Cambodia (almost 40 degrees Celcius).
Aria (forgot my password)

Anonymous said...

goed gedaan meissie
mooi van vorm goed van toon
en mooi in harmonie

groetjes willem