Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the Mendenhall river

This morning Bruce Bennet was on the radio saying that there are 126 Swans at the M'Clintock bay at Marsh lake. Apparently these are low numbers.
Due to the lack of open water, i suppose.
Here in Mendenhall we are further on route for the swans. I haven't seen any flying over yet. Last year i saw the first of them in the Takhini river here, close to Kusawa Lake.
Tomorrow driving the highway i will look at the condition of the Kusawa road that goes in 20 km where i seen them last year. This winter the road was impassible for us. I assume it is worse now, the snow melting.
All i can reach is the Mendenhall river which flows into the Takhini river.
Snowshoeing; down the firesmart, crossing the highway, my trail through the forest,
and crossing the meadow where there is no trail, but the crust on the snow is carrying me most of the time.

Not even much overflow. Just a few spots of green ice, with some puddles of water.
I even feel it is still save to go on the ice, staying on the sides, away from where the current is under the ice. The snow does sometimes drop an inch, indicating that things are changing. A little bit of slush.

I only saw some squirrels today along the way. But here on the river there are lots of animal tracks. The bigger ones forming green puddles, in places.


Rien said...

Are the swans your waiting for staying or do they go more north ?

jozien said...

Hoi Rien,
Hopefully two will stay at the 911 pond, the rest will go farther North North.

Anonymous said...

de sneeuw smelt , het landschap kruipt er langzaan onder vandaan.
en vormt een rivier met papperige beddingen . Het is een overweldigend landschap. ik ben jalours op je , ik zou best daar willen zijn.

van welke dieren staan er sporen in de sneeuw? Zijn er nog van die schitterende bizons bij je in de buurt. ik vind ze prachtig en wordt wild enthousiast als ik ze zie.

groetjes Willem