Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mount Decoeli

That's were we went yesterday, to play into that cloud ahead.
It's a big Easter tradition here to go to a Summit for Easter weekend. This year we went only for one day. too bad. Because even in weather like this, now really this is my most favorite outing all time.:) it is.

Below here you see a small gathering of like minded people, while i climb up the mountain, well really i scratch it a little like an ant. We are here at the edge of the ST. Elias Range. Which has many truly great mountains in it. One of them Mount Logan 19.550 feet,5.959m.
One day i might see Mount Logan from the ground, which is standing on top of mount Decoeli. Today there is no way, Climbing for almost 2 hours, i don't get very far, and the wind and flurries want me down.

to be continued....
I have to make Easter breakfast.


Cicero Sings said...

Happy Easter Jozien!

Quite the outing. A neat destination for Easter.

Anja said...

Mountain climbing for Easter weekend, that is a cool tradition.