Saturday, April 4, 2009

dark forest

Floating on snow
into the dark forest i go
anywhere it pleases me

Needing to know my bearings
i'd be going 'round in circles
without using my compass

Tall secret spruces
old stubborn willows
witches hair and old man's beard

branches pulling on my hair
scratches on my face
I fall through soft patches of snow

clearings with white poplars
mountains appearing
so i know now where i am

coming upon the final ridge
the valley spreading out before me
it's river strung with pearls

Surprised to find the trembling aspen
a friend i didn't meet that long ago
dry leaves rattling in the wind

Ravens call all day
they never show
but call me home
where snow has stopped falling
the sun shines yet again


Robert V. Sobczak said...

Interesting how its the same old winter routine, out on the skis, but that will soon enough give way to a new spring scene, out of the blue, and then it's mothballing the winter gear until the summer ends (I'm guessing you have an early start to winter)!

jozien said...

Yes Robert, winter starts the first week of October.
Right now it is hard to believe that in summer, we are so happy, we will feel it lasts till eternity.

RachelW said...

My favourite part:

Tall secret spruces
old stubborn willows
witches hair and old man's beard

jozien said...

Thanks Rachel, mine too :)
The woods providing perfect imagery.

christopher said...

Jozien, this is a hymn. I thought of you in your woods and hearing the ravens, and then this came to me.

Choosing My Way

I can tell you've gone
into the back woods again
by the tracks you've left
as if placed for me,
thoughtfully, or else I will
follow young ravens
you sent here for me,
trusting they will call the sun
to give me your light.