Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Guess who?

Biking the highway. I guess not the wildest of places, but as things melt faster in the ditches, lots is happening there.
Before we get to the highway. We see a gopher. Well i say we, but it is Virginia, as always a bit faster as i am. And Cliff faster again, knows the gophers have been out for a week.
The gopher seems to sit frozen in the middle of this field.
And right away we see why. A bird comes flying in, circles a bit
Maybe see us, and waits high up in a tree.
We wait too, but nobody moves, so we let them be and we will never know,
we don't see any sign of a struggle after we come back.

But as we turn in the driveway a bird of prey does take off out of the ditch.

Of course my question to you is again, who is this raptor? Busily getting my camera, i didn't watch it fly.

Along the highway we meet several Northern Harriers again.
And two beautiful birds, one of them, GUESS WHO?
And she looks as beautiful as the songs she writes! (click her name and you get to her blog)
Wonderful Rachel to meet you:)


RachelW said...

Haha! It was so great to see you out there biking Jozien, you wonderful mountain woman you! :) I have a little something on my blog for you, too... ;)

christopher said...

Divine Predicament

When two goddesses
meet I hope I'm not the one
they've decided to
discuss in minute
detail, as if I lay on
some forensic slab
divinely opened
to precise judgmental view.

Perhaps instead I'm
bathed in vinegar,
curing and marinating,
being readied for
next week's stewing pot.

RachelW said...

How did you guess, Christopher?? Your ears must have been burning. Haha!

Faith said...

What fun! I am jealous:-)

jozien said...

:) You all, make me so happy.
Faith, you are part of it!
Meeting Rachel, is a little bit like meeting all of you.