Friday, April 3, 2009

clear night sky

I know it is not 25C (77F) or anything like it. It was actually -25C (-13F), an hour or so ago.
It will warm up again to another gorgeous day. 0C (32F)
The Yukon weather, really, a well kept secret. Not exactly a secret, i try to tell, but only when you live here and love it you can believe it. Anywhere above 9C (48F) the bees come out. I don't know the temperature when the mosquitoes come out. But heck, who wants warmer weather than this.

Realizing you all might get bored with this though, here is another poem from Willem Overkleeft.(his website in the column to the right here; art-willem)

the waves determine the rhythm, they
immerse us in the rain
throw your wet hat in the wind
it's the attainments who are
waiting to be taken

look at the birds on their migration
fool proof is the beloved delusion
of the scissors that are cutting loose the sky
from the water; optical illusion darling
reality has no horizon

the eiderdown protects
us from the probing world outside
i feel your feet against mine
listen to your eager breathing
switch off the cold halogen light


Sue said...

I have trouble figuring out your weather because I think only in terms of Fahrenheit. It's 60 F about here today, so it's cool but nice with a light jacket. When you say -25 C... it seems reallllly cold....

I love the poem, but I love hearing about your weather too :D

jozien said...

thanks Sue,
-25 C is, i think around -12F
I will try to post from now on both in C and F, i like that anyway.
It went up to zero C again,which feels like your 60F but is only 30F. i think.
I worked an extra day today, was asked this morning to come in. Looking after 4 fairies. And besides that i clean, already clean houses:)

Sue said...

For me, -12 F is pretty cold. Around here, that's about the coldest it ever gets. I saw that you added all the Fahrenheits to the temperatures... that was nice of you :)

My mom used to clean houses, and I would go with her. I'm not fast enough to clean; I've done quite a bit of babysitting, though! I kinda miss it, now.