Thursday, December 30, 2010

still at the white mesa

This is going too slow, now, this posting of my trip
Not then. I loved it how we went slow, staying were we liked it, sometimes moving only 20 miles.
Hey, i could live like that there in New Mexico.
Being a nomad.
Being a dreamer.
one moment of many in the morning

one moment of ancient times

one moment in the evening.
And as my camera didn't work when we were at the White Sands ages later, i post a link and tell that story in the next post, because from now on, i tell only the ultimate high lights.
Ahh.... then i should talk about yesterday too, which was a sort of historic day for me, but somethings...... just don't reach the keyboard...not here, not yet.
Do you often have that feeling, that there is so much , all day could be show and tell...

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