Saturday, December 11, 2010

back in October

i did connect the christmas lights in our outside christmas tree. Just now i turned them on, after a few days i finally got the woodstove hot enough where i feel comfortable, and dared to venture outside. There is a lovely moon, and i shoveled out some pathways through our deep snow.

For now i will look back at the end of October.
I will post my pictures of the Balloon Rally in Taos, which is where i went my first weekend in New Mexico. Beside the fact that my camera often didn't work, i also found that very often i did not take pictures, because there was so much to see! From Day one i was overwhelmed with the beauty of New Mexico.

to continue; The bus ride from Denver to Albuquerque is where i felt i was in a different world. It was packed, and i was lucky to find a seat, where as on the whole trip i would have at least two or four to myself, not this time. The bus was zooming with pleasant talk and laughter. And suddenly at around 10 pm or so, all went quiet, everybody settled in for the night.
So not having my four seats to stretch out, i was happy to arrive at two am.

Where Michael picked me up, and showed me Albuquerque in the dark. Ha! all i saw was traffic and city lights. Later on i will tell you my impression of the city, as i got to know it more intimately.

That very day we already left for the Taos, as i had an invitation to have Sabbath at the Lama Foundation in The mountains by Questa.

On the way up somewhere South of Santa Fe we stop at a canyon, the first one of many to come!
If i only would have seen that canyon and the desert leading up to it, i would have been impressed about New Mexico. I had really no idea before i came. Looking at photos is not the same as being in it. It is all very different from the Yukon (yaaaaah:).
so i climb the walls marvel about the vegetation, find some need rocks and bask in the heat!

In Santa Fe i dress up in a white summer dress and put on my high heels and visit a Gallery. So many places i have to go back to, because i do not recall much of Santa Fe except the wonderful art show i saw in ....( a short name... 'the site'? is that it?)

Not stopping in Taos we head for the mountains by Questa. We miss a turn on the mountain road and end up in Questa, people are very happy to direct us back. The sun is setting now, and i know we will be too late for the preceding dinner. The sunset is magnificent, the first of again many to come. Sunsets and sunrises in New Mexico are extra ordinair!
We park our car and walk in the dark on a narrow little path trying to find the buildings, the path little as it s leads us exactly where we want to be. The candlelight ceremony is already on it's way, but we quietly take seats and in a total quite way we are made very welcome, as the meditation continues and soft music plays.
Later we do introduction, what a beautiful people and a most beautiful place.
We camp outside haha, in our first freezing desert night. New Mexico can be cold!

The next day it's Taos, blue skies and balloons!

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Cicero Sings said...

The balloons look lovely ... did you get up in one. I've always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon. I just about took D once, for his birthday, but it didn't work out.