Friday, December 10, 2010

from now to the beginning

Now, i was just over at Haagje's and she asked ; what would you like?
Well i said i would like my husband to be happier. Really i would like that very very much. I have asked him that question often enough. And even if he had no answer, i would still try.
But over the years i've found that no matter what, i could not really make him happy.
Soooooo, i have learned to do what i would like.
darn, life is tough.
Soooooo i took the bus to New Mexico. The greyhound bus. I started my trip being on the bus for four days. It was cheap; from Whitehorse to Albuquerque round trip for just over 500 dollars.

I love Wyoming! I guess that was day three. Before that the sights were quite enjoyable too.
And i met some nice people. I do like travelling on the bus, the people on it are very varied, and of course there is always someone you knew already. I actually wonder if that is a Yukon thing, we are a small group and we all like to move, so where ever in the world you find yourself, there is bound to be a Yukoner. Where i would like to explore Wyoming (being on the bus, you just have to suffice with watching it go by) is around he hot springs of Thermopolis.

My most impressive people encounter was quite something and left me shaking for a few days. And i still don't know what to think of it. Maybe you can tell me.
Somewhere on a mountain pass in Montana, where there was no cellphone connection, there was a woman on the bus who apparently had stopped breathing. to this day i don't if she had or not. Anyway it turned out i was the only one on the bus with first aid. And i do feel now i should take that more seriously, because as i was walking over to her, i had - no idea- what i was supposed to be doing. There was actually only one thing i knew; -nobody was going to die on that bus that night- and not as in a higher knowing, but more like; not when i am on this bus, because i could not deal with that. So as i walk toward her, i say some lines that are drilled into us on the course, and her face slightly responds, so i say , she is breathing! i feel her heartbeat and was happy that i could actually feel it, in training i have a hard time finding even my own pulse. So i did put her in the recovery position, i think that was the right thing to do, because she had been throwing up. To this day i feel kind of bad that i know so little of what i am supposed to know having a certificate. But still, the little things i did know where enough for that moment, thank God. As this was happening cellphones started working again and in a half hour or so (in which she was able to sit up and talk, the ambulance was there, and took her.( thank goodness for the volunteer ambulance service!)
"hey! and whoever you were! How are you doing? I hope you are okay."


christopher said...

What a story. I think I'll keep you. I need a friend who can save my life. I was a life guard back in high school. I know exactly what you mean about not really knowing what you feel you should know. After thirty years as a designer though, I feel the real question is more like does the other guy know that much more or is he missing the mark in similar ways? That's what I figured out. The other guy doesn't know that much more, nor do I really.

I love you, good friend.

Meandering Michael said...


Haagje said...

O Jozien dat is nogal een verhaal, maar gelukkig herinnerde je genoeg, om iemands leven te redden. Ik kan me voorstellen dat je een paar dagen van slag was.

Je bent weer terug van warmte, opnieuw de kou in, kan je er al aan wennen? Heb je ook al op mijn nieuw blog gekeken? Langzaam, groener en bewust? Er staat een link op Haagje bij de Vlier.

Liefs, Haagje