Friday, December 17, 2010


(I did see roadrunners!
A bird i indeed did not know exist for real.)

But i just got an email from the bird club here in the Yukon who asked us to curb our energy consumption.

I forgot again how to copy something like that on this page here, but i can give you Meandering Michael's blog, that addressed the same issue.

And Michael i thank you so much, because due to your post i was prompted to make a change, however little.

It happens to be that my modern phone (when it goes, i will go back to a phone that doesn't need to be plugged in ) always has two lights on. That bothered me because, at night, nothing is plugged in here in my house, and the only thing on batteries is a tiny alarm clock.
So only that phone, and actually the lights bother me at night, i can sleep in broad sunlight, but two tiny lights bother my eyes at night.

Anyway i finally dealt with it, I take the phone of the base during the night, one light gone.
And i switch of the answering machine when i am home. Voila! no lights.
Now of course the phone probably has to charge extra when i put it back on the base. I do believe even the littlest things help. And i will not put it back on the base till daylight, because actually Yukon Energy is having to put on its oil generators in those dark morning hours and at night. And that's what we want to avoid.