Thursday, December 9, 2010

i'm back!

I gained 5 pounds over the holidays !
of course 'The' holidays didn't start yet, i am not quite ready for those.
This morning for the first time i actually dared to look at the snow outside. It's is rather interesting how somewhere in the desert i lost my love of winter and the festivities it brings.
But i gained something. And my mom will be very happy with that. I have been the same weight for 20 years. (and like most of us too skinny according to our moms)
It must have been all the mole i ate. Mol-lay is chocolate sauce, i do not know why i had never heard of it, it is delicious.
I will do another post about all the good food i ate, but for now i just wanted to show you how rounded i looked, i would have posted me beside an ocotillo, but couldn't find a photo. The ocotillo is the skinniest cactus, although it is not a cactus.
First you have me beside a cholla and the other you probably know is a famous saguaro. The little dress, i bought in Bisbee, which is a lovely town in Arizona.
As i am not quite ready for snow, i will be happy to do a lot of posts about my trip.
Anyway i am happy to be blogging again
....although i was very happy living in the wilderness of New Mexico and Arizona. A wilderness it is, one quite different than i expected....i hate to say it... but for now i am still quite in love with all the dreamscapes i was privileged to dwell in for a while.


christopher said...

And here I am. I have been patiently waiting and wondering. Maybe you will tell me the whole thing. Loving you, good friend.

Elisabeth said...

You look very thin to me, despite all the chocolatte. Good to see you back, though people disappear in this strange blogosphere without so much as a 'by your leave' and then return unexpectedly, myself inclusive.

Anja said...

Welcome Back Jozien, If you have eyes the world is beautiful in many places. Love to see the desert of New Mexico / Arizona through your photos

aria said...

Hi there!
As already said, welcome back dear Friend! Love your dress :-)!!
And me too do not really see the extra 5 kg's .... But, I must say, you look good!
talk 2 u real soon!

Brian said...

Hey wild one the desert has been good to you. She looked after our wild lady, its good to have you back:)Brian(:

Sue said...

I didn't realize you were back! I'm so glad to see you too! Im glad you had such a great time, it's good for a keeper of wild places to fall in love with all of the wild places :)

I've been crazily busy with my new job. But that will be ending soon, beginning February, and my time will be my own again, and I'll be able to keep in touch better!