Sunday, December 26, 2010

Goodmorning here!

christmas day morning.
sunny for all the daylight hours!
sunshine inside and outside my heart.
(today boxing day, we'll see, it's still dark, there is a fainter moon and still very cold)


Brian said...

Hey wild one,I hope you and your family had a good christmas. Nice picture, Still a wee bit of snow around here, but now the grass is poking through.But more will come I'm sure. Take care wild one :)

Sue said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Your snow is beautiful, and so are the travel photos :)
We're having a blizzard here, which is unusual, so we're enjoying it!

Elisabeth said...

Exquisite image, and what a Christmas you have, Jozien, so different from ours on the other side of the world. Enjoy this time.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Gorgeous photo! Christmas day was beautiful here as well, but we spent most of it inside- too cold to take the boys out!