Sunday, December 26, 2010

Goodmorning there!

Nov 5 2010, waking up in the Jemez Springs campground. Most often we didn't camp on campgrounds, but i liked this one a lot, right by the river. And for the traveller on a budget, the right price. With a golden eagle pass (or something:) i think we paid 4 bucks. For the discount it has to be a Federal Park. Normally it was 10 dollars for tenting.
Nights and mornings are cool, so i kept a fire going with driftwood.

Talking to the camp host (i love your campgrounds America! hosts included) about hotsprings, he told us about the San Antonio one. When you were a boy scout ever, you might have spend a summer camp there. But now it is open for the public. So off we go.
What did a store keeper, closer to the road that leads to the Springs say? "You might make it, there's no telling, some do and some don't....
Anyway i am driving :) and a drive it is, a real test for me and the car. I take things very slowly, and only a few times i come precariously close to the edge, a few puddles, who knows how deep or soft, only a steep section in the beginning, and many many big boulders.
We make it!

When you enlarge this photo, you'll see some sweethearts. They walked the 5 miles (two hour)
And by the looks of it, he asked her to marry him while in their private pool (nobody dared to disturb them, just smiles).

I found the highest pool to my favor, being the hottest.

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