Sunday, December 12, 2010


circumpolar polar arh..
there is a ring around the moon
it's faint, it's cold
there is a star beside it
does it light it up?
circumstances are
there's lots of snow
this year
i whisper in your lips
our breath visibly one
the North circumscribing us

I just wrote this after i saw an announcement for a writing contest.
Actually i think it kind of rattles (maybe our breath formed icicles?)
but if you want to improve on it, we can share the 200 dollar prize.
Some lines actually formed closer to the equator then to the North Pole, still even the equator is circumpolar. It was the lines of one breath. In the cold desert nights Michael and I would lay whispering our lips almost touching.

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just jane said...

I like the image of one breath. I find the poem, thoughtful. Thank you for sharing it.