Friday, December 17, 2010

Red rocks and free range cows

Nov 2 2010
This is at Jemez Pueblo, the cows are still at the White Mesa.
But the story i want to tell is about my life as an opportunist, the cows seem to live a good life that way, the second night we camped at a stock pond, a dammed up arroyo, it had water in it.
Here at home i was happy to see that not all the feral horses are caught. Because to me these cows and our horses living in their own harsh environment seem healthy and happy ( a happy cow?)
I giggled when i saw here on the highway that they raised the fence at the coral to catch the horses, yes they had jumped out! i cheer for freedom.

My life as an opportunist. Here is one funny incident that happened on the first. At sunset we drove to San Ysidro, for water. As Michael was filling up, trying to hold our water container close to the hose. This beautiful wild lady ran up to us, if we had a propane container. yesss we did...
if we would like to sell it, they needed it , they were shooting a commercial in the beautiful red light quick quick the light is fading. Now.... Michael was straining as it is to fill the water tank and he didn't like the lady commanding him. I just thought well this lady has an emergency.
Anyway i played my part well, this should have been a commercial for propane. Because somehow she bought our 5 dollar half full tank for 20 bucks. Now i say!

By the way i got my Christmas tree today, now that was hard, now my glasses are not used to the cold yet. Outside in the beautiful finally sunny snow world of Mendenhall i could not see a thing.

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