Thursday, December 30, 2010


looking over the Rio Grande at the San Diaz

living along the Rio Grande

looking down from the San Diaz
(here high in the mountain it snowed last night)

Hmmm i have to tell a little more, actually i am painting right now, 'floating in white sand'.
Michael took me up the San Diaz, Jason took me around town. And to get from one to the other, i had to drive after sunset, this is a Big City! i don't know how i managed with all these interstates , but hey i did, i can find my way in the bush, this only just a tat wilder.
Jason lives close to the Rio Grande, and i walked down to the river, a gardener let me through a private garden, which lines the river. And there on the river i saw my first Roadrunner, and what are all those birds flying over, they are sandhill cranes! That i imagined left from the Yukon before me. (Later in Bosque El Apache i learn different) and i see Pink Pelicans.(Many more later at Elephant Butte) and a little Quail.
Who can not love a big city with treasure like that.
As Jason drives me around, the city is quite varied, towns within a city, roads weaving everything together, no high rise, mostly adobe architecture.
And the food is good too!

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Elisabeth said...

Such a different world, Jozien, no wonder you are painting. Such sights must feed creativity.

Happy New Year to you and yours from me here in Australia, so far from the Rio Grande.