Sunday, November 29, 2009


Last night my friend Bonnie came out. She is my friend since the Atlin days. Middle mountain and Bratnober mnt. catching the morning light.

This afternoon we met up in town with Norm Hamilton We meet at the Yukon river, which is close to the damn totally open water, snow and ice along the gurgling eddies and rushing rapids. Bonnie and i are models for; 'a photographic show, designed to increase public awareness and acceptance of people regardless of sexual orientation'.
I have the length of model alright, but come with pimple and protruding tooth. :)
But it is a neat experience to work with a professional photographer. Thanks Norm


TechnoBabe said...

I bet that was fun modeling for Norm. I looked through their sites and I guess I didn't realize there are so many people in the Yukon. Red is a nice color on you.

Laurel said...

What time does that morning light appear at this time of year? How much daylight are you getting? I was under the impression that by now you would be living almost completely in the dark!

jozien said...

What do you call many people? I always figure, it's no
more than the amount of people in average town in the South. some 32.000 in the Yukon, from which 25.000 live in Whitehorse.
Thanks for the compliment!
Laurel, Mendenhall gets a lot of sun, bcause of it's location in the valley. I checked the weather website; today's sunrise 9.39AM, sunset 15.59. These photos were taken around 11 AM.