Sunday, November 8, 2009

-33 C

I am still in bed, Don comes in and asks me; How cold do you think it is?
As the house is warm and i don't have a clue in general and i thinking, well it must be something special for this time of year, because he is asking. I say; around zero.
It is 35 C below!
Now that's what i have to go see for myself. (Because well Don, you know, he is very unreliable :) So, i dress up a bit, you know -35 C is cold. Stepping outside it doesn't feel cold, it doesn't cut into my skin, it doesn't come in through the seams of my clothing, it doesn't freeze my nose or is in anyway hard to breath. hmmmmm my breath does come out steamy.
Walking to the thermometer, which is down in the forest a bit, by the outhouse. It is; yes, minus 33 Celsius. Wow!
That is kind of normal for this time of year though, but a first for this season. And this being the coldest time of day, just before the sun rises.
I will check what Whitehorse is having and Haines Junction. Mendenhall right smack in the middle, geographically, but the temperature can be quite different from both. Also in Mendenhall itself the temperature can vary.

Ha! A whole chapter about one minor thing. You see, i love the weather!

8.45 am now. It's got Don and me going. No where in the Yukon it is that cold. The sky is blue with pink clouds.
Haha it is -20. Still colder then anywhere in the Yukon (i didn't check Old Crow yet)
I thought, i check the thermometer attached to the house, which we find is cheating, because, well, it is attached to the house. I walk back to the outhouse,
And! now with more daylight i see that the thermometer is frosted over up to, indeed, the -33 C mark.

So that's what we do here in the winter for excitement, get all excited about nothing. And laugh at ourselves.
I hope it got your attention. :)


aria said...

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :-).

nice, this talking about one thing ... the wheather. You're a real Dutchie :-).

christopher said...

phew. Feel a little better today. About your temp. heh. Glad I'm here. Glad you wrote about it :D


Anonymous said...

33c een mooi temperatuurtje
ha ha ha

RachelW said...

Now that's freakin' cold already! It felt that cold here today, on account of the wind, but it's nowhere near that yet. Won't be long, I'll bet. Brrr!