Friday, November 20, 2009


you blame it on lust
or did you mean love?
you say i am obsessed
you think
my whole life is based
on one single thing

how wrong you are
it is you
who did put kindling in my fire
you stirring it
your singleness
your life full of possibilities
your freedom
maybe caused me to find mine

and you accuse me
of loving too much

Maybe it is me
eating all that wild red meat
i could blame it
on the sun
on the moon
on my mother receiving
my father's seed

how far
do you want me to go back
maybe you are right
after all
no matter where i go
all i know is

there is just me
only me
for that matter


TechnoBabe said...

Life full of possibilities means the freedom to investigate and experience any of the possibilities. I think it is okay if someone else gets the stirring started as long as that someone does not become more important than we ourselves are. I like how this post asks how far back to go to try to find a cause, but bottom line, there is you.

Liz said...

Jozien! I love this poem. Of course, I love all of your poems. But this one...well...the "kindling in the fire", the "freedom", "loving too much" ...Yes. And the how far to go the beginning of time, I think. To all the other lives we may have had... And always just who we are...

Beautiful poem, Jozien. Beautiful you.

christopher said...

Oh do I ever agree with Liz, sweetheart. This is excellent. A good bit of Dutch passion here!

The way you say it, I know you are toying with the one who blames, but not so much in a dark mood. You have already forgiven I think any transgression in it.

Well done, Jozien.

jozien said...

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...


Bryan and Vikki said...

you have sounded a note....a haunting note. I have read it twice and still want to read it again.