Thursday, November 19, 2009


Steven D. Farmer: The Coyote; Wise Fool. Accept your follies and find the teaching in them. Trickster; Sociability; Adaptability; Wisdom-keeper.

Ted Andrews: Coyote is shapeshifter, illuminator and uses pranks to teach and help people learn by their foolish mistakes and to laugh at themselves.

me: haha, i was laughing all day all ready, and yesterday, and...
And then i see this big coyote along the highway. First i thought it might be a wolf, looking at it's size. I know what she's eating. (I 'll post that tomorrow :)
But Coyotes look at you quite friendly, where as an encounter with a wolf is quite haunting.
I like the power of seeing a wolf, but i was very happy with this beautiful big coyote.
And these days in my life coyote is quite appropriate. I am doing, enjoying things, that i never thought i would. And it gives me great joy, to be that way :).
I still find my self quite foolish, but talking to Norm Hamilton today, i might come out of the closet soon. It is not what you think it is! I really don't like to be so secretive, but well you know, this is a blog, a very public space. And really it's my relatives i fear, haha, I run away from them half way across the globe, and now with the Internet, they are here to haunt me:) (hey, any familymembers reading this; I love you, don't worry.) When i feel more self-assured, i will illuminate you. Because really i am very excited and it's nothing really. I am going on to long, because really it's nothing. And as Norm was saying; we are all unique, but way more the same than we realize.


Anja said...

We love you too!

jozien said...

Haha Anja, dank je!!

Bryan and Vikki said... big and full of life. So fun to see them go about their daily hunt. Great pics. we have no Coyote here....don't know why....probably too much snow. We see foxes in the late spring when they can walk on top.

TechnoBabe said...

In the book "Medicine Cards": Coyote = Many native cultures call coyote the medicine dog. Coyote has many magical powers, but they do not always work in his favor. His own trickery fools him. He is the master trickster who tricks himself. No one is more astonished than coyote at the outcome of his own tricks. Coyote is sacred. In the folly of his acts we see our own foolishness.

I like coyotes too. I look forward to hearing what this one was eating.
Whatever you are getting ready to share with everyone, it must be good because you speak of joy.

jozien said...


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Anonymous said...

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