Friday, November 6, 2009

i cicle

It's a totally beautiful world. So peaceful.
I wonder why i ever feel miserable, or that there's war for that matter.
So, i had some struggle in me and i tell you i didn't resolve at gun point.
And to get to that point, apparently there is someone in Whitehorse who started a campaign to get all the Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan home. (if you know more let me know, i just caught a glimpse of it on the radio)
I am all for peace. And today i proved my point again that struggles of any kind are very well solved by loving.

This peace in me i let you know how long it last.
So this morning i felt miserable yet again. My struggles; that i felt so aimless, not knowing what to do with my life and having no energy.
So, i did several necessary, but mostly enjoyable things, reached out to friends and finally i just went to bed to read a book. This book happened to be; Hana's suitcase (a most lovely book about the Holocaust) which might have something to do with my change of mood.
You know this is a long story, when you get tired reading here, i will say now, it has a happy ending.

Anyway i suddenly felt the urge to do get out. Well the world was calling, ravens, magpies and gray jays that is and the temperature around zero, snow, sunshine and blue sky.
I wonder if this blogging sometimes get in the way too, it being the goal instead of my real goal; to be out there.
So i focused on this walk being just for me.
And soon enough beautiful things started happening (i know, as always)
The deer don't show very often, but right behind the house there are an incredible amount of deer tracks.

Here on the hill it looks like city traffic, but it is only deer tracks.
There is many more animal tracks everywhere.
I cross the little lake, tentatively, as it has been a bit above zero. But nothing to worry about. On the Blue China Swamp, i do fall through a little bit of ice, and hear the lovely sound of gurgling water. I find it's origin, where it comes out of the ground. The black water, reflections, the white snow and the ice formation are stunning again. I climb up the drumlins and enjoy the view. Oh and on the way, on the first climb, out of the swamp, before the drumlin, i find this icicle.

A close up, on top of this post.
Anyway to make a long story short, I am totally in my element again. And know again what live is about. Hmmmmm so what is it about?

Just be.

haha, In a conversation these things are easier said, as here in black and white.

Just being, i feel very happy
and after my walk, two most wonderful friends phoned me, to confirm it all.
How does that happen? when you feel good, good things happen.


aria said...

That's the quote of the week:
"when you feel good, good things happen"
I'll carry this one in my heart...


Shaddaiah said...

You're doing just fine
blessed Keeper of Wild Places
just say 'good bye' to doubt for it serves no purpose.
May those ones who are calling the soldiers home be supported by the Host of Heaven and by the awakening souls on Earth. Canada needs to stand strong - it too has a purpose.

jozien said...

Thanx Aria!
And you too Shaddaiah :) I laugh, because i forgot i wrote you. Thanks so much.

christopher said...

You are a good friend to the world and to me. Thank you, sweetheart.