Friday, November 20, 2009


added Nov 21 2009. Thanks technobabe for your comment. I am very :) Grateful for the elk herd here. But it is all kind of controversial. They are so tame, because they were never hunted, because they were an introduced species. Anyway if you are interested, you can google Takhini Elk Herd. I just did, but cannot find any good article that i would recommend.
By the way i think the coyote in the area are feeding on the elk, my husband contradicts that. :)


TechnoBabe said...

To be able to take a picture like this is a far off dream, never to be realized, but to be able to share in the pictures you take takes the dream from sad to glad.

Bryan and Vikki said...

I have seen coyote chasing deer and bitting their behinds....they keep chasing until the deer can not run anymore. They would do the same to the weaker elk or the young. A Coyote does not get this fit by eatting mice.