Saturday, November 14, 2009

The wind is howling

I hate how i always say; how i love this or that or for that matter you:)
It sounds so pathetic, but i can't help it. When i see a certain sight or feel being touched, hear a lovely sound, it stirs me.
When i get touched by this love, my heart opens up and i howl.
Today the wind is howling with me, the sight of whirlwinds, the blowing against my skin. Please forgive me, and let me love so easily.

This morning the wind is booming already. Not letting my self being fooled by the thermometer, i know it's warm (Just below zero C) out there, and i walk out in just a little piece of black lace, haha. (It's true, that's why i couldn't live in town, can you imagine: this woman howling in her underwear. Tell me what would you say.)

Then as the wind keeps blowing, i have things to do inside; getting ready for that craft sale, my student comes now one and half hour on Saturdays. Housework. Anyway the light turns grey/yellow before i make it outside. First without a toque, my hair blowing in my face, my ears freezing. I return and dress a little better.
The yard is full of spruce needles and cones, fireweed is blown to pieces and behaving like small tumbleweed. Whirlwinds of blown snow; when they hit me my clothing still not sufficient. The trees bend and creak. The sky incredible. The mountains barely visible. It's beautiful :)


aria said...

sounds good, this howling with the wind. Better than rainy Dutch Sunday's...
Groet'n uut Grun'!

christopher said...

I am all tangled up here. I am getting around in a reader, so I don't always break lose with a comment. You posted this jewel on my birthday, where I am now 64. I shall consider this a birthday present, late delivered through my own fault. What a lovely post. I would just grin if I saw long legged you out in 0 degrees with hardly a stitch on. I had a girl friend back in 2000 who had a picture of herself full frontal nude in the snow on a trail near Mt. Hood. She was up there with her family, boys and husband. I would not say much in surprise, maybe something in appreciation. :)