Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The light

As i am writing the sun has just set. It did set 3.08. It will be light for a while, well and than really it will never get totally dark, here in the winter, with snow on the ground. Now with the full moon, the yard will be in dark blue light.
According to a Canada weather website, the sun officially sets at 3.57 in Whitehorse today. I will watch if that is the moment when dusk turns to dark.

I did a beautiful walk today. Still walking, as the snow is not very deep. I walked my blue ribbon trail, first climbing the rocks, entering the thick forest, through an old creekbed. coming out in a meadow, where there is still water coming out of the ground. Hoping to see moose activity, i saw only one old track through the creekbed. Lots of other tracks, as we haven't had fresh snow for a while, so all the stories stay.

Yesterday i was in town, went skiing, swimming and running. Our town the city of Whitehorse. For the amount of people living there, some 25.000. We do have an incredible amount of things going on and beautiful facilities. The skiing at Mount Mac, the trails fantastic. And swimming at the multiplex, or it's name Canada Games Centre. After school i train a group of young cross country skiers on the running track.
All the best of the best. And while swimming and running, you get to watch the surrounding mountains.


TechnoBabe said...

No wonder you are in such good shape, ski, swim, hike. You live in such a beautiful area, I can see how you would definitely be an outdoor person up there.

Bryan and Vikki said...

Wonderful picture. This time of the year is one of the best....but then there is the storm... but then the birds and bears returning...but then the new green... ever season is so special

jozien said...

All seasons special, i do very much agree. And indeed it's hard for me to sit still inside.