Sunday, November 1, 2009

waking up

Here the deer eating the last of my kale.

And know with the snow on the ground. It is winter NOW here. -20 C this morning. All perfect October being the month of transitions, November; winter. Now i can rest in peace, hibernate a bit. And it seems that's what i was doing already, for the photos i didn't even have to come out of my den. Through the window i watch the birds, and this year an influx of squirrels, who are all roly-poly, nice and fat, (the bird food, i am sure)
And last night, peeking out, the evening light was beautiful. Dark gray above and a gray-yellow stripe of light where the sun was setting, putting an interesting light cast on the snow and the trees.
Ah i know dreams are only interesting to oneself. (but feel free to share yours with me:)
But in my dreams last night, i was out and about, and met a beautiful white moose. No wonder i woke up happy. I wonder about that. How do people wake up, what is your first thought? For me, no, i don't always wake up happy, often an uneasyness of some kind. I do remember as kid, just waking up, neither happy nor sad, just alive! I like that!


Sue said...

I'm not ready for winter, and I'm not ready to wake up either!

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I myself need a moment or two to blow the cobwebs off, these days though, even without good sleep, give me an hour and I'm brimming to go!

Janet said...

I read the comment you wrote on my blog about Italian leather shoes! It made me laugh...I'd love to see that poem posted on your blog ;-)

Anja said...

We're still eating kale. The deer we see are usually farther away and there are hunters around so they are not daring to come close. but your pictures are great!