Thursday, November 26, 2009

Taku River memories

Today i was at the craftsale at the Thomson Centre, i sold some of my stuff, so i am very happy, but that's beside the fact.
We had so much fun!
Coming in with my table and things, i run into a friend from the Atlin days (85/86) Just a few years ago we met again. This does happen here in the Yukon (Atlin is BC, but really....)regularly, because over a vast area of land there is only a few of us. You travel hundreds of miles and basically meet the same people.
My friend is selling her book; My Darling Davis by T.G Diamond. It is very good! honest.
So after finding our spot, Sonja (who i share my table with) and i set up shop. Getting to know our neighbors, which is a story on its own. But then i somehow look eye to eye with my neighbor across the aisle, and see his name the same instant, and my memory already sharpened by Theresa.
It is Vernon!
Well, you know how it is when you haven't seen someone for 25 years :)
I was Vernon's deckhand, Salmon fishing the first week of July 1986.
It was a week i will never forget, definitely it enhanced my love for the wilderness, being out on the Taku, away from any road. The only roads the rivers.

He is selling smoked salmon,from the Taku i suppose and actually sells more than any of us.
There is Sandy, selling, draft ladies. She supplies us with home made cookies. Than there is Sandra, who polishes gemstones and turns them into jewellery, she turns out to be lots of fun, but first we glare at her, as she get squeezed in between us.
And the people to our right were very nice too, but somehow we didn't get to know them as well. And than we do have some customers that like to hang out with us :)
After Sonja and I sell some of our crafts, we start trading. So we end up with money and Christmas gifts. (3 for myself really; the book, a necklace and earrings)
And i do like to add, to sell paintings that are a little...daring, added to the fun.
Thanks for a wonderful day


Bryan and Vikki said...

Yes, we know Vernon also. He was here on our lake 2 years ago, and this fall when I was collecting our mail in Atlin....there he was...just off the Taku. He is a great Taku River fisherman.

TechnoBabe said...

What a wonderful craft day and getting to see old and new friends too. I would love something like that.

jozien said...

Techno:) what do i call you?
Yes, i can see myself an artist, and once in a while selling this way. And it payed for all my cost including paint. None for my time though, but i got that for free anyway, and loved to give it away.