Saturday, November 21, 2009


It's cold!
Yesterday a sunny cold day, today a cold gray day.
Today a busy, people day anyway, but yesterday i went for a nice long walk.
I have to say though my energy is changing. I sleep too much and feel restless at times. Yesterday too, in the beginning of my walk too, i was antsy, and i didn't know if i was coming or going.
But sooon......
I am struck by beauty,
I see a grouse, many animal tracks, the sky is blue, the lake a great whit expanse, with long shadows of the low sun. A little overflow(ruining any possibility of skating) but interesting for walking in.
I walk straight North, coming out on blue china swamp. And sure enough even with this cold, there is still water pouring out of the mountain. I here the gurgling under neath the snow, and find two open holes the size of a fist. I drink the 'warm' water.(my hands and cheeks are frozen, everything above freezing feels warm).
I climb the drumlins, and the views are spectacular, the sun in this latitude forever setting. It glides along the horizon, never reaching any height.

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Sue said...

That's beautiful...