Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hauling water

Ahhhh, i haven't done much blogging lately. I guess i was frozen in that minus 33 C.
But last night i woke up a few times, the wind howling around the house, with big booms. hmmm i love it! What's new. The beautiful thing about the weather here is, in the Yukon, nothing ever lasts long. Well the snow on the ground, but that quite fine with me, preferable even.

Anyway the wind clears my head, besides changing the weather. Not that i was frozen in here, the weather never that cold as in the last post.

I did had several good stories this week. But never had time to put them down. And now i have to go to work . Here are some photos of last eveninghauling drinking water
At Stony Creek


Anja said...

You have to haul your drinking water? I thought they'd truck it in.

jozien said...

Hi Anja, this is the bush you know. No, we maybe could arrange and pay accordingly for water delivery. But there is a community well, where we haul our water for our running water. We do that ourself, are all set up for it. But! there is a trace of Uranium in that water, so we drink from Stony Creek, honest to God; the best water in the wolrd, and straight out of the mountains.

jozien said...

So, what i am saying we would never want water delivery, yuck.