Monday, November 2, 2009

more about me

Maybe these symbols in the logs, tell me some secret i don't know.

I wrote the following a few days ago.
I feel i am too much focused on myself these days.
But somehow i have to go through that it seems.
OK after waking up good yesterday, which says something but really nothing.
I felt lousy most of the day. Same this morning i wake up good (energized, well rested, happy) and slowly a tiredness creeps into my bones.
Which i feel right now, typing is kind of a nice thing to do, as i can sit quietly and the words just flow.
Again i had the most incredible dream. As i always have taken great interest in dreams, i must give myself credit for having good dreams :) This one, like most dreams had lots happening possible and impossible. We had moved to this incredible beautiful location, an island in a blue lake surrounded by glaciers. The house was built above a creek. All very lovely, the house was old,falling apart and really too small though, (hmmmmm last night's house, foundation was rotted away.)

And here is picture from two days ago.

Today it is my moon time. Which is still on time.

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