Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Things happen

Alexander and i both have something.
Alexander injured his knee and i well i have a pimple on my forehead.
The pimple being a boil i think. I feel terrible to talk about it, and would feel upset reading about it.
I know the thing on my forehead is already disappearing. And the knee well that is a more serious matter.
Both our condition are obvious and draw attention.
For Alexanders knee i am kind of frantic and want to know exactly what is going on medically. For my happening i am very much more relaxed and walk around today with a big glob of charcoal mixed with goldenseal and ground flax. (In town i cover it up)
But what interests me is how people react. (all meaning very well) How often people feel reassured if you do or would go to the doctor. Me included.
And yes it is easy to go to the doctor, let her/him prescribe you a quick fix and voila, healthy again.
I will never say what i do is the thing to do; but to trust our own body's ability to heal,to listen to that body and trust our own judgement what to do. I believe in that.
I have never (as an adult at least) had something like this. And kind of had to figure out what to do. Knowing what i know, reading about it and! listening to others.
I trust that i am on the right track. And i think that is most important, knowing that I am OK, that i did what i could and that my forehead will be beautiful again.
Something like that and not so much what i did or used for treatment.


TechnoBabe said...

Yay on you. I so like to hear about someone who a) knows her own mind, b) researches information, c) trusts her judgment. You are being proactive and taking care of yourself.

Cicero Sings said...

Interesting to read that you are using charcoal. I've read about charcoal and bought a big bag to have on hand for emergencies (food poisoning etc). It is supposed to draw out infection and I see you are mixing it with ground flax, which is what I've read one is to do. Hope it heals up clear and that Alexander's knee mends itself. Knees are tricky ...not something one wants to injure too badly ... repercussions later in life!!