Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I just listened to an amazing program on the local CBC radio.
And it finally prompts me to take a slightly different route as Keeper of Wild Places.
Formerly I have only shared my experiences in the wilderness.
Knowing that at this moment in my live that's were i belong; out in the bush following the foot prints of a Snowshoe Hare.
I believe that by sharing that pure Joy with you, i somehow keep those wild places.
In the realm of; what one focuses on with passion, one co-creates.

From now on I will, once in a while, also enter a post, that is more reflective like this one.
This one about awareness.

As i sit here typing (i don't know it's 'foot print') But I am drinking coffee!
1 cup of coffee takes 140 litres of water to produce!!!!
Yesterday while i am enjoying water having formed ice crystals on a bush. I come home and waste 140 litres of treated water! What if that water was taken right here in my back yard, treated, used for making coffee, etc.
I would definitely have less Wilderness to enjoy. At the same time while enjoying my coffee i EXPECT all that impact in somebody else's backyard.

Now, we all leave a foot print, like the Hare.
Nothing is as simple as it seems, and i will print yesterday's photo of the foot prints i followed. Is it a Snowshoe Hare?
(my pink pack 10 inches/25cm) And what about the trail? Maybe this Hare was following foot prints too, of another animal.


Zee said...

How come 140 liters of water for one cup? Does it have to do with the irrigation of the plants, I mean, other plants need water to. How many liters for an orange or a cup of tea?

jozien said...

All I heard; coffee being the 'worst' drink (large waterfootprint), beer is better!
They were taking everything in account I think: growing, processing, etc.