Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus)

The deer here are not used to people. And as you see, hard to capture on camera.
The most clear picture taken on an angle, sorry.

This morning i went into meditation; counseling My Higher Consciousness. No specific topic in mind. First I see in my head a doll's face. I think; "oh Jolly, i am going to find my long lost doll today." So, me being always so down to earth, ask; "Where?"
Too bad for me, that is not exactly how it works.
But after a meditation like that i do stay close to my 'Higher Consciousness' and miraculously i do find the doll, by accident, after I forgot about her again.

To come to the point; I like to think that the deer today where also part of a Divine Plan.

The deer are a fairly recent sight in the Yukon. Up till now it seems they only visit my garden in the winter. I do like my garden even in the winter and have to admit the deer and elk eat everything that is left.
Today when I saw them, they were eating delphinium stalks and rose hips.
They soon realized that i was watching them and disappeared in the forest surrounding our house. I followed them for half an hour, and did get some descent shots (I posted 2 more on 'flickr', my account called 'je zon').
As i followed them , they stayed around 30 feet away from me, while i did my best to hide and stay totally quiet. Nibbling here and there, but mostly keeping an eye on me. I saw the buck eat a 'witches broom' on a Spruce tree.

Thank You!


Zee said...

Mule Deer - ha, that is a funny name. Those pictures are great you posted here. Thanks for sharing. Well, after all the ice we had, we might even get a wee bit snow tonight, 2-4 inches...

jozien said...

Hi Zee! i am so happy you visited me here on my blog. Thanks!
And yes this deer is named so for it's funny big ears.

Anja said...

Beautiful pictures Jozien! With the sun and the snow it doen't matter that it's on an angle it makes it more "real". Do you take your mittens off for making pictures?

jozien said...

Yes I do! And take the camera out of the bags, close the zippers, take picture, open zippers, put everything back in place, put on mittens, till next photo opportunity comes along.
But it is all worth it!
Thanks for asking Anja.