Monday, December 15, 2008

Warmer on top

This morning i listened to the Mount Sima snow report. They have a thermometer on top of the Mountain, apparently it said -15C, while down below it was more like
They call it inversion.
Here it is
-35C. I leave when it warms up a few degrees, I am heading for the mountain. To bask in warm sunshine on top!
The following photo shows that more creatures landed there.
Maybe Grouse or Ptarmigan.
Like yesterday's prints they walked all over. Here they did walk down hill. Looking at yesterday's photo and what i seen today, when they take flight again, they do so in a right angle. Uhmm?

It does seem warmer here, i don't make it all the way to the top though. The snow is deep at places, the climbing steep and places i just slide down hill on the snow.
I stop at an exposed rock face, the wind has kept it clear, and sit down.

A little way down, but on the slope, i met some chickadees and Grosbeaks.
I didn't meet the snowshoe hare, who puzzled me on the way up and i still don't know if it was a snowshoe hare. It's tracks so wide (8 inches at least), making a continues path at places and elsewhere hopping quite a distance, like 3 feet.
And it took shelter in a small cave under a big boulder, at the bottom of the slope.

Many beautiful sights today. One of them in the top photo; hoarfrost on a dwarf birch. Taken in the 'blue china swamp'. I named this swamp which is in between 'moose skull lake' and the esker under 'maria mountain', for a blue Chinese balloon i once found there.

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