Tuesday, December 9, 2008

dream mountain

This photo was taken Aug. 2 2008.
And has really nothing to do with today, only that we were checking maps and satellite images. Looking at the bison range, where they could be and were we humans could possibly go.
I love maps, and dream away looking at them for hours.
And what do i spot; my 'dream mountain'. Since i laid eyes on it (2 years ago), i want to go there.
Up till now the dreaming very tantalizing.
Up till now! On the satellite images, I see that Cranberry creek, is a white line.(white is openness). 11 km in a straight enough line to the bottom of dream mnt.

This is my plan (one day in summer):
Drive the Taye Lake road, a km before the cabins, look straight East for an easy way through. One km East from the road there is a clear ridge of Cranberry creek.
The ridge should not be hard to find. And from there North, 11.km or so, following Cranberry Creek. Look East, the last km., for an easy way up to the top of my dream. From there 2500 feet steep climbing (left side on photo).

There you go. Who's coming?

For today, i gotta run; sunny day, snow to shovel, bison tongue to boil.

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lindsaylobe said...

Hi Jozien
I followed you over from Zee’s Blog and was fascinated by such beautiful photos and your interesting points about plants and your environment on your other blogs.

My best wishes and I will call over from time to time and say hello.

Please feel free to reciprorate at my blog should anything be of interest. Best wishes