Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cross country skiing

Well, it is still below -30 C.
And don't mind what i said before; The skiing is great.

The story is, Don wanted to buy me boots for Christmas. I tried on a pair of winter Scarpas. OH MY, they fitted like a glove, and would be exactly what i ever wanted.
Wasn't it for the price. We decided to wait till boxing day, but that day came and went. I don't really need more boots, i don't.

But Don thinks different, yesterday he brought home a similar pair, less then half the price.
You know they fit like a glove too, Sorels.
This morning i got out my Epokes(a kind of ski), the scarpas would have fitted perfectly, but i rigged up the binding a little bit and it seemed these sorels fit. I try them out and it works, i don't loose a ski half way down the hill.

Off to the lake!
The sun came out a little bit, earlier. On the horizon there are low clouds. It is not the least foggy, nor are there clouds up high. But just along the rim, behind most mountains, but in front of 'tyler' mountain, who is the highest here, 7000 feet, it's top is above the clouds.
Well it all looks very good.
I am warm! Are these boots better then my old ones(that don't fit skis) or is my body getting used to this weather?
On the lake the snow is perfect , as in, if you have ever plastered a wall, this is the result you want. It is a joy to break a trail with my skis in that wonderful surface.
I go around 'barb's fen', here, because of the amount of snow, the skiing is much better then before. Come back out on the lake.
There are little tracks, that totally cross the lake. My track book (L.Forrest) suggests; voles, they have a two print pattern. That's a long trip for a little guy.
The bigger tracks, carnivores, follow the skidoo track.
I break some trail towards 'blue china swamp' and return home.

And i am still warm. I take a photo of my face, which honestly is warm too. I like the white icicles on my eyelashes, see 'profile'.

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