Sunday, December 21, 2008

Back to the light

It's Winter!
As we have had winter weather for a while. We in our household always call this day; Back to the light! Reading the Whitehorse weather report, today the sun will come up at 10.09 and set at 15.47. And we will gain a few minutes of light per day, March 21 we will be even with everybody else. And Zee, what we look forward to, is June 21 when we have the longest day of the year.
But, you asked; why would we want to live here. Good question! The Whitehorse weather report says -35 C. Which means that here around my house it is colder yet.
I can't speak for others, but I love it a lot here. Yes, even the cold.

I just went to the outhouse (we do have indoor plumbing, though) and indeed the thermometer there reads -40 C.

Instead of trying to explain the unexplainable, why i love it. I will tell today what it is like for me in this cold at this moment. There is Christmas music, the tree is beautiful. It is very cozy. And I like the idea, that we are in the middle of that great wilderness only protected by 4 walls.
My right eyebrow is permanently cold since yesterday, so is my right hand actually. Yet the woodstove is burning hot.
It is 8 am now. And still pitch black outside. The stars are incredible, the Milky Way quite clear. I have been wanting to write about an evening star; The last few evenings there has been this incredible bright star in the South. It surely is Venus.
When outside especially at night. We can hear traffic very clearly. We live some 2.5 km. away from the Alaska highway. This morning when i was outside there was one car on the road, and as the sound travels very far in this cold, it sounded very close by. The birds are not up yet, and i am sure the deer are still in their 'beds' made in the snow. And the bears sleeping through all of this in their dens.
It is so Chritsmassy! Everything is totally still. "All is calm, all is bright."


Cicero Sings said...

Funny how one gets used to the cold ... one just dresses for it ... or stays cozied up inside. We love where we live too, and would not trade for "city" life.

aria said...

Hi my dear Jozien,
Beautiful how you describe your winter time at X-mas. As I was with you last year, I can realy visualize how it is...
Much love from Holland!