Monday, December 22, 2008


Still cold, but Jane and i had planned to go out on this day for a long time.
And we are glad we did. I still feel all rosy.
We would have gone skiing, but i am not equipped to go skiing in these temperatures.
So we took the snow shoes. We met on the T on Harrison road. As we met at around 10.45 am , the Sun was up! From this point the sun comes up right in between Vanier and Gemini Mountain. At my house it was not up yet then again at the end of my driveway it was.
Anyway it heralds a good day. We take the blue ribbon trail towards Nipple Mountain.
First the Trail is excellent, but in the old creek bed the going is a little rough. All this is breaking trail going uphill. We plan on resting in the meadow. But the meadow is cold and only at far North end the sun is shining, the rest in the shade But not to far of , we see a little exposed ridge in the sun.

Ah I just lost the rest of my story. You have to take my word for it, that the trip was very very good. We were toasty warm(most of the time) reached some beautiful country and were home at 4 pm.


Cicero Sings said...

We talked yesterday about getting a pair of snow shoes ... but wondered if we'd ever use them as my husband really likes cross country skiing. There are just not enough hours in a winter day to do it all!! Does snow shoeing take a lot of energy? Do you bundle up more for it or less than cross country skiing?

jozien said...

Yes! Get them. I use them; when there is too much snow, to pleasantly walk through, when it is too cold for skiing, when there is no trail(one can step over logs and crash through willows), when I want to make a base for a ski trail. And you're obviously more steady on your feet, nice in steep terrain.
Hey and it's lots of fun!
Same energy, same clothing as cross country skiing.
Let me know what you decide.