Monday, December 29, 2008

Elfin Creek

And i even got out today. The snow is now knee deep.
First i follow the hard packed trail. I have a desire to check up on the elves.
And where 'elfin creek' crosses the 'beach trail', I turn left to go to the 'elfin falls'. I know they will be covered in snow, but still...
Surprisingly (or maybe not) it is easy to walk here, the snow on the ice not very deep. This creek is very small over grown and even goes underground at places. But now in winter, it actually is broader and deeper, as in the banks higher.
As the growth in summer is very thick here, now without the leaves it is opener. It is a magical world, the snow is laying on the branches heavily, no wind here.
At a little opening, i am sure there's elves living here, it feels so pleasant, i take of mittens and toque.(not for long).
What in summer takes a long time and i even have gotten lost here, now in no time i come out by the power line. And i decide to go a little farther. Alexander and i found here our favorite Christmas tree (12 years ago), and we said we'll bring it in one year, when Don has built us a castle. Well actually he did build the castle, at least that's what it feels like. But the tree can stay where it is. It is gorgeous today! And because of it's width covered in thick snow.


lindsaylobe said...

I see that the glamour of your summer departed, replaced with your winterland wonderland of icicled beauty. It hard for me to imagine you walking knee deep in silence along Elfin Creek but I enjoyed your colourful descriptions and memories of the Christmas tree. Best wishes for the New Year!

jozien said...

Ahhh, Thanks lindsaylobe, you say it more beautiful then I.