Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's a bird

Ah, it's cold out here.
Around -30C. I am on top of the hill before sunrise. First walking through the thick Spruce forest laden with snow. It's magical in the early morning / moon light.
Soon i come out in the open where it is a tat warmer. There is fresh deer tracks, but i don't get to see them. All is quiet, I hear a few Ravens and an early singer, probably a Grosbeak. On top of the hill I follow these bird tracks. It obviously landed, walked from place to place over the hill, and here it took off.
Already going down i finally get a presentable photo of the Moon. The moon has been bright for a few days and nights. I need to learn how to get it on camera. Any suggestions? Maybe I'll take my tripod out when it's a little warmer.
They say, "what comes with the moon, goes with the moon." Does that mean it will be cold for a month?

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