Friday, December 26, 2008


It is Boxing day. And a glorious -20C temperature. Don and i had planned to go Boxing day shopping. With all our difference i rejoice that at times we are kindred spirits; we both decided not to go and stay home instead!
I took advantage of the 'warm' weather and went on a 3 hour snowshoe to the Mendenhall river.
It is snowing, and it is good thing to keep my trail visible. Once in the meadow i lost my trail, my snow shoes sinking in deeply in the powdery snow. Even when i don't see the ski tracks, which make up the trail, i can definitely feel them as a nice hard base.
I try to capture the river's beauty in this photo. Do you get the feeling that its like being in a .... half pipe?
As i go back i decide to check out the meadow beside the one i came through. As it is so nice, in the openness of the meadows, i can see where the sun is behind the clouds.
As i cut through the woods; i disturb some Ravens, and they circle overhead of me, and as i get closer to where they were occupied before i came, they disappear.
I snow shoe up to the spot, there is blood, a recent fire pit and a pile of stuff.
Also some wolf droppings and Bison poop. There is no fur or any remains that indicate an animal kill. Just this pile of ..... light brown mush, with little piece of yellow grass. It is at least 3 feet in diameter. When i get home i ask Don; how big are the stomach contents of a Bison, he spreads out his arms and out lines a pile 5 feet wide. Ahh... could it be.... I took a little piece of the mush home, and taking it out of my pocket now; it stinks like, well, poop. Nice Jozien.
I guess i came upon the site of a lucky hunter.

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Sue said...

Beautiful photos. I'm wistful and wish I could be there, not stuck here in the middle of suburbia.