Friday, December 19, 2008

minus 30 Celcius days

For a week now!
But we don't have the worst of weather by the sounds of it.

After my two days in town, i am glad to be home again, stoke the fire and bundle up to go out. I actually find it wonderful.

In town it's a different story. Everything is ..... extreme. To take my friend Anne out for lunch (thanks Barb!) was the high light, showing her Whitehorse in the cold. Then i too can appreciate the beauty of it all.

But i do hope everybody has a choice to stay home in this extreme weather all over the continent, and that they have a means to stay warm. Good luck to you all!

1 comment:

Zee said...

brrrrr, that's cold!
Why do you guys and gals live up there?
Whenever it gets 0 or below (Fahrenheit) or -20 Celsius, I scratch my head and have vivid images of the Caribbean, somewhat like a mirage, unobtainable but very clear...