Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas tree

This is not The tree, it's where i got the tree, at 'Barb's fen'.
The tree i got actually looks very much, like a 'normal' Christmas tree. Which is hard to find here, in my endless Spruce forests, as we have a semi-arid climate.

But what is your tradition around getting the Christmas tree?

When i look back at my childhood, it seems it was always exciting,
-but endlessly the same every year-.
The only thing different from year to year, was actually the tree.
We would stand around it, awe-ing and ah-ing, but commenting on size ,color and full-ness.
Now those comments are always the same;'"uhm, i think it is a good one, not as skinny as last year's."

But about the actual tradition of getting it; i find as the years pass, it is subject to change very much.
When Alexander was young, it was a family event.
Later years it would be; me, Alexander and Zoe.
Last year; just Aria and me. Aria was here from Holland, and it was very special to cut it with her.

This year i am on my own.
As it is still a very rewarding experience, I am very grateful that my two men are still with me to do the celebrating!

I went on skis, pulling the skiff behind me, searched for the right tree quite extensively, cut it with a hand saw, put it on the skiff and pulled it home. A 3 hour job in mild weather, under beautiful skies. Thank you!

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