Saturday, December 27, 2008


I missed the sun, so i send myself and you a card from that distant star.
It is actually very nice outside. No sun, very,very quiet. The sound of my own blood flowing, inbearably loud. Ah, i do hear a distant raven and some chickadees closer by. I sit on my rock.(the one that had floated here on the ice of ancient Glacial Lake Champagne).
You wouldn't know that it was snowing, but when i look up and sit still it falls on my face. When i hold up my black mitten , i see the tiniest specks against the dark background.
You know I felt kind of low today, but when I am outside, for me, All is Good! I am the beloved. (i read that in a book from Henri Nouwen)
And even now it feels silly to talk about any troubles i might have. Because there are none, honestly. I am very, very blessed.
Whatever bothered me, is now irrelevant. Might i remember that, when life screams at me inbearably loud and i am drowning in my own sorrow.

Thank you sun, for remembering me.

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Sue said...

I am sorry you are sad but I love your writing. Peace.