Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

2008 is the year i started this blog.
I became,
-keeper of wild places-

Most importantly I finally, totally, blissfully, allowed myself
to do what i truly love.

-Enjoy the wilderness-

One day in the beginning of this year, i sat down with myself,
for some serious talk. What to do with my life?

Well, this is it, everything you read in my blogs.
I am loving it!

Thank you Hetty, Oom Bram and John!
And thank you!
Thanks to all of you, 2008 was/is a fantastic year.

Happy New Year!


John Pattimore said...

Jozien, I really enjoy looking at the pictures on your blog! They're so beautiful!
Tuesday morning I was packing my lunch for work and my eye caught the outdoor light go on from next door. I thought; is that young guy that works at the Alpine Bakery up already? I looked out the kitchen window and I saw a fox standing in PJ and Sally's backyard! He was moving around like a wild animal. His tail was so thick and bushy! Oh, what a sight to see a wild animal in the city! Jane Jacobs

Jane said...

I enjoy reading your blog!

Jane said...

Just practicing on the password part of this. Jane

Sue said...

I would love to enjoy the wilderness and wild places... I try to find them where I look here right up next to the city. I'm glad you started blogging them, so I can share them through you. Happy blogging in 2009!

jozien said...

Thanks again John.
Thanks Jane.
Thanks Sue.
You make me happy!