Monday, February 15, 2010


I took one picture yesterday, here it is.
One picture so it is easy to choose which one to post.
The only choice is - post or not to post. Yes or no.

Is that it in life? There is always only one choice to make, yes or no.

When i wrote here about my expeditions in the wilderness, it was easy to write, I would come home, not think about it much, and just write about my experience. pick one or two photos and voila! a post.

When a poem appeared it was easy too, because poems just appear :) if you know what i mean. (added later: That doesn't mean i value poetry less. I actually love to read peoples, yours, poetry. And i think you (poets) have actually gone beyond the ' in between' and are more in touch with the knowing and know how to express it in words. somehow, you tell me)

I want to write somehow from some level which i could call 'in between' . Where i tell (myself as much as you) something that rings true for me, but in a knowing way. But as in right now, i ponder my words, too long. Constantly i am choosing 'no' that won't do. No is a very 'stopping' place to be. When i say no, it is to that one thing, where it leaves all the other infinite possibilities.
As where i say 'yes', that is the path i take, in that moment.

The golden Buddha. I wanted to talk about the golden Buddha. I won a golden Buddha yesterday. I don't know too much about Buddhism, but i feel i want to take the path of the golden Buddha for a while. Letting every moment shine in his/her presence. That sounds way more sophisticated than i am. I am just me, typing here, in my peaceful house in the middle of a vast wilderness, on a planet called Earth spinning through Endless space.

Okay so i am the centre of the Universe :) Just to let you know.
Oh - So are you, you say
I know, i know you are
But you tell me
How can that be?

Hopefully one day
the things that i say
will make some sort of sense :)
because when i read your work
what you write always makes sense to me
it is all perfectly in Harmony
i guess
i only see your 'yes'


TechnoBabe said...

Lots of times we read other peoples words and we can understand them intellectually, but the person who wrote them had some emotional attachment to what they are saying.

jozien said...

Yes Cici (can i call you that, please?) It's all just stories, but i get caught up in mine, because of emotions. Which again is just a story, hmmm something like that.