Friday, February 12, 2010

too much

I am loving it :)
Yesterday was such an incredible day. I could write a book. And it's happiness will radiate for long time to come.
And the sun is shining outside too. It is absolutely glorious.

So what?
First i come to work and there is no one there! (Megan where were you?) Anyway it meant no work for me. Soooo what happens? i meet a man..... haha. It's not what you think. well kind of. I do want to write about it, because i truly think we are never to keep our loving for just one person. It's just i wonder how do you express your feelings that go deeper than one can handle? How do you do it?

So with this man, very casually, i did not look at him, i did tentatively express that i had feelings for him when i first met him this summer. He's got such an incredible twinkle in his eyes and he is such an amazing artist and he always smiles and he is sooo handsome in a delicious way. haha please laugh with me.
Anyway he said something about falling in love so easily, soooo i said, i know what you mean. tada that's all!
we acknowledge that we both felt that way when we first met.
That's all.
I know you might think i am a little crazy. But for me to express something like that and really without any desire to act upon it.... at that moment.
No, no, don't go there, i tell my self. I have enough strong feelings for other people to last me a life time.

Okay that was enough about yesterday, yet there was much more.....

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Sue said...

I wish every day was like that :)