Wednesday, February 24, 2010

frozen bubbles

hmmmm i am sooo tired, i worked today, regular work and for my art show :) I am laughing all the way. It's like blogging, you can have so much fun in life, exposing yourself a bit. well you all know that:)
Anyway after work i drove all the way out to Haines Junction, to see Bonnie. She made those beautiful photos at the creek.
There's many more, i am too tired to choose, so here are 4

living in a bubble
when you let them freeze
you can stay elated
for at least a week


Bryan and Vikki said...

my heart bubbles up

Akannie said...

How cool is that?? Frozen Bubbles...

Single digits here today again, and cold north winds.


Congrats on the art show.

jozien said...

Yes, i am quite bubbly too, Bryan and Vicky :)
Akannie i will visit your blog again, this morning, i am a little scattered, so many bubbles, and don't know if i said thank you to you before. And about spring, we could still get winter here, but the weather has been incredibly mild, i cross my fingers and send some warm winds down south:)

TechnoBabe said...

These are great pictures, they look like diamonds. You made a good choice in the pictures. Your poem is perfect with the photos too. For me, I have started keeping myself on an even keel, no really highs and also no lows. Not feeling numb, but just staying within a normal (for me) zone. Keep up the good work getting ready for your show.