Friday, February 26, 2010

flash fiction 55

3 cats sitting on the steps
tabby is the naughty one
cleans her paw if nothings up
calico she is the queen
she knows it all
the black and white she fights
her ear half missing
they stand on guard for me
while i am kissing
with my secret lover
royally, powerfully, very very naughty

okay i wrote above here this -flash fiction 55-, which i know nothing about, than that i have to link it toG-daddys

1 comment:

g-man said...

The original concept of Friday Flash Fiction 55 was.
You had to have a story written in exactly 55 words. It should have a plot, and a central character!
But ever since I took over the hosting duties a couple of years back, I've just about accepted all literary formats, as long as they are 55 words. I don't care too much for 'serial' 55's because in theory those are more than 55 words to get your point across.

Now getting back to yours...
I LOVED your story!
You described the feline psyche to a 'T'.
Excellent 55 Jozien..
Thank you for visiting, thank you for playing, and please join us again next Friday.
Have a Kick Ass Week-End...Galen