Sunday, February 28, 2010

spruce pitch

Today the wind came up a bit and made it not so pleasant to sit on the steps, so i actually got out quite a bit.
First I walked by the way of moose skull lake to barb's fen.
And now i need a word, it might be kettle, the geological meaning of the word kettle, depression.
But i will describe it all for you. At the east end of the lake i follow the tiny little creek, only a moose has gone before me this winter. The creek comes out in a swamp that i call barb's fen. It is a flat area with lots of bleached dead tree skeletons. This flat area the size of two football fields changes on the east into this landscape of 6 foot high hummocks. That's where the word kettle comes in. I find a knoll of dry grass to lay my head on and lay down. I imagine it to be a 'duinpannetje' (a hollow in the dunes) i lay sheltered in the shine of a watery sun, and around me the wind is roaring, like the crashing of waves in the distant, i can almost smell the salt and while i close my eyes for a while i feel your gaze upon me :) i get overcome by love, love for everything...
On the way back i look at all the details in the surroundings. The banks of the creek have little caves in them, full of treasures. And there is always the ice crystals. I walk all across the lake, with the wind. In the forest i take pictures of the sap on the spruce trees

And just now when i walk by the mirror, i am pleasantly surprised by my own reflection, maybe i did reinvent myself...


Brian said...

Hi Jozien
I liked the spruce pitch.
When you go out into wild places you breathe it all in . It does reinvent you !! :)Brian(:

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I thought at first that was a frozen drop (or drip) of water. Reinvention is one of the few constants ... especially as the seasons pass, we morph along with them. (Thanks again for sending Mary and Jerry my way ... they were really fun to talk with.)

TechnoBabe said...

I am impressed with the photos you took. You know most of us envy your position to be so close to nature like you are where you live. Yes we have nature but not the same sights.