Friday, February 19, 2010

friendship trip


What if you have many wonderful friends and your husband is one of them?
Well you tell me. I say that is it.
And my heart will be in it again too, i am sure.
It's just that it is broken right now, i laugh because you all guessed it this morning, i didn't honestly knew i was so transparent. Now it's totally over, i can finally talk.
Of course all this stuff has been effecting me for...... sorry i won't say.

So last night i read these 'words', just as my husband comes home grumpy, so i swallow my tears. Which for me is not a good thing to do, but that's what i did, only to wake up in the middle of the night bawling uncontrollably. So maybe it was a good thing, because in bed my husband is a real sweetheart more often than out of the bed.
Anyway long story short; while blogging this morning, my sister phones and later my dearest cousin. yap yap yap. After yapping for over an hour i walk outside and see that the skidoos are packed and ready to go? -A surprise for me-, Don is taking me out on a trip.
And you know what, i drop everything for something like that.

The weather is still around zero and the sun shining. riding the skidoo is like zooming through a warm breeze. We follow the regular trail, riding easy now, with the snow soft (the warm temperature) and not deep this year. In the meadows across the river straight south of here, it's obvious that a group of horses have claimed it; their meadow. And when we stop they walk right up to us, thinking we have hay. But they don't mind we don't, they are well fed, and we all spend a lovely hour together.

We skidoo on and come to the biggest beaverdam ever, in a beautiful landscape of ponds, forest, beavercut forest and marshes. I would love to visit it come summer, but it looks rather wet all around.

back on the river, the arches are dripping with melting snow. We follow the string of pearls on this side of the river.

Stopping on a open levee overlooking Jo-Jo:

we both acknowledge -life for us doesn't get any better than this- now what do you think of that?to share that with my very own husband.

Anyway it doesn't stop there, we have a beautiful time, ending up as far as pond creek. and pond creek is gorgeous, the overflow frozen solid and really high, which makes the river wider than ever. the sun shining , the shadows very long, ice roses blooming, many different animal tracks.
A day like this and my sister telling me.... that is definitely......

my tears truly bittersweet (Sue:), i am not letting go so easy of them, but my friends are just too good to me.



Sue said...


aria said...

I'm glad to be there for you. And thank you for being there for me. We are all travelling on this wonderful path of life! Not knowing how the scenery will look like, but still enjoying (almost :-)) every moment of it!

L. said...



Husbands can be wonderful in the middle of the night as we sob. I have been there with mine...

I was just at Christopher's blog... stones and alters... promises...

well... I am leaving stones here,on your alter, Jozien. And a promise.

Not the promises you want maybe... But I love you. :)


catvibe said...

What a beautiful day! You are blessed, truly. It shows in your writing, that you are living in the moment far more than you admit. Your awareness is pure and present and filled with compassion.

TechnoBabe said...

Good for you to be ready at a moment's notice to do something with your husband that you enjoy together. That was so nice for him to pack the skidoos and have them ready to go and surprise you. Sounds romantic really.

jozien said...

All of you thanks again, it's good to know that you are looking out for me.
Sue, what is <3?
Liz love you too:) And i am very happy with your stones.
thanks for saying that cat.
And you too Technobabe. You all say these beautiful things.

Sue said...

Hi Jozien! I got the <3 from the kids texting... it is a sideways heart, it means Love ya! :)